Project Statement

CAN•DO is a modern canning toolkit that instills the knowledge and benefits of the canning process into a new generation. In my experience canning with friends and family, I learned how fun and interesting the canning process was, and decided to put my own modern spin on it. While canning and preserving are typically associated with an old-fashioned country style, I instead used modern design principles to create more widespread appeal. With its use of simple geometric patterns and a minimal color palette, the CAN•DO brand is attractive to people from all walks of life. 

The CAN•DO kit provides a would-be canner with everything they need to begin preserving. The included HOW•TO guide provides all of the necessary steps to canning and preserving in a small, attractive booklet. The jars have a clean and elegant pattern that makes them a perfect gift or centerpiece, while still making the contents clearly visible. With this project, I enjoyed the opportunity to put a fresh perspective on an old experience. The simple, modern design expresses my personal design style in a way that I can be proud of.